S.S.X. Strength & Conditioning

A complete Strength & Conditioning Program designed for the high school weight room. Covers Spring, Summer, & Fall.
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S.S.X. Complete Package - Rick Stewart
The DVDs show the exercises that you need to develop Championship Athletes. The 300-page manual has..
S.S.X.: Speed, Strength, & Xplosion - Power & Explosion Video - Rick Stewart
What good is strength without power & explosion? They go hand in hand and as you get closer to sprin..
S.S.X.: Speed, Strength, & Xplosion - Speed, Agility, & Conditioning Video Rick Stewart
Straight sprinting speed does not transfer to change of direction speed. The DVD starts with the 1st..
S.S.X.: Speed, Strength, & Xplosion - Strength & Core Video - Rick Stewart
Covers every set, rep, & intensity to build strength and core over a 52- week program.The basic phas..
S.S.X.: Speed, Strength, & Xplosion - Warmup, Flexibility, & Nutrition - Rick Stewart
Covers 4 different Dynamic Warmups and post workout flexibility stretching.Shows when static stretch..
S.S.X.: Speed, Strength, & Xplosion - Year Round Planning & Design Rick Stewart
Discussion of things to think about when designing a year round high school training program.--> Bas..
S.S.X.: Speed, Strength, & Xplosion Exercises Video - Rick Stewart
Close to 300 exercises cataloged into 10 groups.This DVD is grouped into the following categories: -..
S.S.X.: Speed, Strength, & Xplosion Youth & Freshman Development - Rick Stewart
An actual workout for developing youth athletes and teaching safe techniques that will last a lifeti..
S.S.X: Speed, Strength, & Xplosion Bonus CD Rom
All the SSX Powerpoints, Complete nutritional handout, 5 complete workouts in Excel, and tons of mot..
S.S.X: Speed, Strength, & Xplosion Complete Program Binder - Rick Stewart
The 200 pages in this binder are organized chronologically following a school calendar. Simply take ..
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