Pistol Wing-T Offense: Complete Offensive Line Drills - Rick Stewart

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Install and drill five essential phases for successfully blocking for the Wing-T Learn how offensive linemen can effectively block using shoulder and hand blocking techniques in the Pistol Wing-T Learn how to design drills that can be applied to specific plays and blocking techniques Rick Stewart does a superb job of teaching coaches how to improve offensive line performance for the Pistol Wing-T. Coach Stewart walks through each blocking technique and then uses practice video to show how he administers each technique using heavy bags. Stewart shows how to create proper first-step mechanics in your linemen. He preaches the power step and getting the second step on the ground before contact so your linemen can elevate defenders on their third step. His sled progression includes the 1,2,3-Down-Pull & Trap before he finishes with the Sled Drive. Hand shields are used to simulate the more realistic block on a moving target. The use of double team and combo blocking is shown as well as the Belly Drill. A group work time allows players to work together on all types of combination blocks needed in the Wing-T. Stewart designs each drill so linemen can respond to both odd and even defensive fronts. He diagrams each technique, drill and play so that players are prepared each week for their next opponent. For smaller schools he shows how to use half line drills so that you can get every play installed with fewer players. This is a comprehensive offensive line video that will assist coaches at both the middle school and high school levels. 94 minutes. 2013

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