Pistol Wing T: High School & Youth Package (22 DVDs + 4 Manuals)

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This package has everything that Stewart has made on the Pistol Wing T.20 DVDs, 4 books, Free Shipping, and Stewart's new interactive playbook for the ipad. The interactive book has text, diagrams, video, and powerpoint all bundled into an ipad book. The 21 DVDs are: (1) No Huddle and Post Snap Reads; (2) Terminology; (3) 20 Core Run Plays; (4) Four Phase Passing Game; (5) Trick Plays; (6) Midline and Veer; (7) Offensive Line Drills DVD; (8) Backfield Drills DVD; (9) QB / WR Drills DVD; (10) Installation sequence and Practice Plans DVD; (11) Attack the 3-3 Defense; (12) Attack the 4-3 Defense; (13) Attack the 3-4 Defense; (14) Attack the 4-4 Defense; (15) Pistol Wing T Run Plays Game Film DVD (16) Pistol Wing T Pass Plays Game Film DVD; (17) Youth Wing T Terminology; (18) Youth Wing T Run Game; (19) Youth Wing T Pass Game; (20) Youth Wing T Trick Plays. The 4 Books are the 84-page Playbook; a 72-page Installation/Drills Manual; a 68-page Offensive Line Drills & Technique Manual; and the 86-page Youth Wing T Playbook, including easy to run drills for youth teams. Each DVD sells seperately for $40 and the books are $30 apiece.This $920 package is selling for $550, over $400 in savings when you figure in the free shipping and free ipad book.

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