Pistol Wing T Game Cutups (2 DVDs) - Rick Stewart

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2 DVD set of game cutups only. Pressbox & Endzone views. No Audio. Every play has a DVD chapter for easy search. Each DVD is over an hour long of game cutups ofhe Pistoling T. These cutups are from five different teams running the Pistol Wing T, giving you a great perspective of different nuances of the offense.DISK 1: Run Game Buck Sweep, Guard Trap, Waggle Belly, Tackle Trap, Belly Pass, Belly Option, Belly Sweep Down, Counter, Down Pass, Down Option Jet & Rocket Sweep plus their companion plays Midline, Inside Veer, Outside Veer Assorted Trick Plays DISK 2 Wraparound Sally (draw play) 1 & 3-step passing game, including perimeter screen game 5-step passing game featuring bunch & crossing routes Sprint Passing Game

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