Pistol Wing T Four Phase Passing - Rick Stewart

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Learn to blend a Pistol passing game with Wing-T principles to put the defense in conflict Chalk talk and game footage covers every detail of four passing phases Improve your play action passing game with longer ride times on the play action fakes Rick Stewart has taken the best from the Wing-T and the best from the Pistol and developed a winning combination. He has turned around three high school programs using his system to put defenders in conflict. In this DVD, Coach Stewart takes you through four phases of his Pistol passing game. He starts with his sprint out passing game, moves to 3-step and 5-step route combinations, and finishes with his play action passing game. All phases of the pass game are covered with whiteboard play diagrams followed by game video of each play. Sprint Out Passing GameStarting with the sprint out passing game, Stewart explains his terminology and diagrams his numbered and tagged passing tree routes. This section of the video also offers pass protection schemes and demonstrates of how to incorporate jet motion into the sprint out package. 3- and 5- Step Route CombinationsThe 3-step schemes use the bubble/funnel spread principles that allow you to quickly get the ball to your best athletes on the perimeter. Stewart discusses how to put slot defenders in conflict using the run game and quick 3-step route combinations. The 5-step game puts additional stress on the defense using an easy-to-learn system that includes crossing routes from a variety of positions. Play ActionLast but not least, the Pistol play action passing game blends perfectly with traditional Wing-T run and pass principles. As Stewart points out, the traditional Wing-T play action passes are even better from the Pistol due to the longer "ride" on the play action fake. All the best Wing-T play actions are covered, including; Waggle, Belly pass, and Veer and Midline pass plays. This system will allow your team to stress the defense from sideline-to-sideline, vertically, and in-between the tackles. This is every defensive coordinator's worst nightmare. 56 minutes. 2012.

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