Do You Want To Get Published?


ALL ACCESS PUBLISHING, a subsidiary of ALL ACCESS COACHING was formed with the vision of forming a network of coaches who can help other coaches.  Coaches are great people who got in the profession of helping others but I saw two fundamental flaws in how this happens:

  1. 1.      Coaches literally give away knowledge for free that took them decades to acquire
  2. 2.      There is not a centralized location to gather knowledge;

Coaches did not get into this business to get rich, but it is not fair that in many states the teacher/coach lives below the poverty line.  One year I added up the hours I had worked and it came out to .19 cents an hour!  It was then that I began my quest to figure out ways that coaches could make a little extra money on the side selling their knowledge that they spent years building.  Time away from families, time at clinics, money spent out of pocket on their own books & DVDs.

Secondly, I would get so frustrated sitting in my office pouring back & forth between books, DVDs, and the internet to find better strategies and techniques.  I always thought, “there has to be a better way.”

So I started on my very expensive journey learning how to make DVDs, write books, build websites, and brand my logo.  Trust me when I say that I have spent more money than what I made in sales.  I have spent thousands on domains, hosting, and video editing programs, and I have also made many costly mistakes along the way.  Now it is time for me to share the “Do’s & Don’ts” with the next generation of coaches.  I can save a coach a ton of money going down the wrong road as well as give him solid advice.

So my journey towards becoming an expert at monetizing knowledge has now merged with the rapidly changing field of digital content….


Apple took the “ebook” that had to be read on a IBook/Kindle/Nook Readers and figured out how to insert, or embed video into the book.  To me this is revolutionary to the coaching industry and will change the way coaches learn.  Basically, the printed playbook is now combined with the DVD !  All of a coaches resources (diagrams, powerpoints, video, audio) can be combined into one document that can be “read” on your computer, laptop, or smart phone. 

The other key was the ability to self-publish.  Coaching materials will not make the NY Times best seller list, so a coach needs to keep his cost to publish down in order to make a little extra money to give the wife. 


I will help show you how you can publish a printed book, DVD, streamed video, or an ALL ACCESS INTERACTIVE PLAYBOOK.