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4-2-5/3-4 Defense - Gang Green Total High School Package (8 DVD + Playbook)
The 8 DVDs include: (1) Terminology & Installation; (2) Inside LB Play; (3) Defensive Line Play; (4)..
4-2-5/3-4 defense: Installation - Rick Stewart
Confuse offenses with a multiple defensive scheme that blends the 4-2-5, 4-4 and the 3-4 defenses to..
4-2-5/3-4 Defensive Playbook & Drills Manual - Rick Stewart
Confuse opposing offenses using multiple defensive looks of the 4-2-5, 4-4, and the 3-4 defenses. A..
4-2-5/3-4 Inside Linebacker Play - Rick Stewart
Coach Stewart also walks you through the installation sequence in spring, summer, and August. He the..
4-2-5/3-4 Outside LB and DB Play - Rick Stewart
This is a 4-2-5, 4-4, and 3-4 multiple defense using cover 2, 3, and 4. Coach Stewart believes in u..
4-3 Defense - 3 Clinic Talks
Three different lectures covering the 4-3 defense.Pass Defense & Philosophy by Ron Lee of University..
4-3 DEFENSE Adjustments, Stunts, Blitzes - Vista Murrietta
Vista Murrietta has played for 3 straight SoCal Section ChampionshipsThe entire defensive staff take..
4-3 DEFENSE Alignments - Rancho Verde
Philosophy, Alignment, and Play Calling in Multiple 4-3 DefenseThis is a clinic talk from Riverside...
4-3 DEFENSE How to Coach Effort - Vista Murrietta
Incentives and Drills to get Maximum Effort out of your Players.Clinic talk by entire Vista Murriett..
4-3 DEFENSE On Field Practice & Effort Drills - Vista Murrietta
Watch the Vista Murrietta players on the field during an actual practiceEach position coach goes thr..
4-3 DEFENSE Pass Defense - Rancho Verde
Pass Coverage & Alignments versus multiple offensive fronts.This is a clinic talk from Riverside. Po..
4-3 DEFENSE Run Defense - Rancho Verde
Putting 9 players in the boxThis is a clinic talk from Riverside. Powerpoint is followed by game fil..
4-3 DEFENSE Weekly Practice - Vista Murrietta
Saturday Morning to Friday NightThis is a clinic presentation by the entire Vista Murrietta Staff. ..
4-3 Defense: Vista Murrietta 4-DVD Package
Get all 4 DVDs on one of the top programs in Southern CaliforniaSpecial Teams DVD, Weekly Defensive ..
All 17 CenCal DVDs
Get all 17 DVDs and9 speakers from the past CenCal clinics.Team Building; Program Organization; Spec..
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